From 17-20th November 2018, Lausanne Cathedral will host four renditions of the opera Nabucco. For this event, NCCR Digital Fabrication researchers at IBOIS, EPFL have developed a new wooden scenography, showing a real-life technology transfer of snap-fit joints. The scenography includes benches and stands for spectators, all consisting of wood panels assembled together thanks to a combination of snap-fit joints and mortise and tenon joints.

Snap-fit joints are widely used in the industry as a simple, economical and quick way of connecting two parts. The joints consist of one male and one female part and the temporary bending of the cantilever hook allows the two pieces to fit together, using the material’s elasticity. After joining, the pieces return to a stress-free state. The geometrical parameters of the parts define the force needed to assemble or disassemble it and the separable or inseparable characteristics of the joints. The joint is mainly designed according to the mechanical load during assembly and its corresponding assembly force.

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