Thibault Demoulin

Since June 2011, Thibault Demoulin is working in the Physical Chemistry of Building Materials group at the Institute for Building Materials of ETH Zurich . He obtained his Master degree in 2009 in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus programme MaMaSELF (Master in Materials Science Exploiting Large Scale Facilities), jointly delivered by the Ludwigs-Maximilan-Universität Munich, Germany, and the University of Rennes I, France. After his graduation he worked during two years on the conservation of historical materials, partly in the imaging group of the neutron reactor FRM-II and partly in the Archaeological Bavarian Museum in Munich, Germany. In 2011, he decided to pursue a PhD under the guidance of Prof. Robert Flatt at ETH Zurich with a thesis entitled “Durability of clay-bearing sandstone and its repair by viscoelastic mortars” which he defended in July 2016. Thibault Demoulin joined the NCCR Digital Fabrication in October 2016.

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication: Postdoctoral researcher

Projects: Mix design for digitally controlled slipforming

Affiliation: Physical Chemistry of Building Materials Group, ETH Zurich

Email: Thibault Demoulin

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