Fabio Gramazio

Fabio Gramazio is an architect with multi-disciplinary interests ranging from computational design and robotic fabrication to material innovation. In 2000, he founded the architecture practice Gramazio & Kohler in conjunction with his partner Matthias Kohler, where numerous award-wining designs have been realised. Current projects include the design of the Empa NEST research platform, a future living and working laboratory for sustainable building construction. Opening also the world’s first architectural robotic laboratory at ETH Zurich, Gramazio & Kohler’s research has been formative in the field of digital architecture, setting precedence and de facto creating a new research field merging advanced architectural design and additive fabrication processes through the customised use of industrial robots. This ranges from 1:1 prototype installations to the design of robotically fabricated high-rises. The recent research is outlined and theoretically framed in the book The Robotic Touch: How Robots Change Architecture (Park Books, 2014).

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication: Principal Investigator

Projects: In situ Fabricator, Mesh MouldRobotic Construction with Found Materials, Multi-Robotic Prefabrication, Integral Mechanical Attachment for Timber Plate Structures (IMA), Digital Concrete Processing, Smart Dynamic Casting, Sustainability Assessment

Affiliation: Chair of Architecture and Digital Fabrication, ETH Zurich

Email: Prof. Fabio Gramazio

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