Li Chen

Li is a software engineer specialised in computational geometries and machine learning for computer vision. He studied Architecture in Southeast University, China, then completed his Master’s degree at AADRL in London, UK. His thesis project researched adaptive 3D printed structures utilising autonomous industrial robotic arms and generative algorithms.

Alongside the BRG, Li works as Principle Computational Designer at Studio Bitonti, a New York based computational design consulting firm focusing on software development for mass-customisation solutions for tech enterprises and startups. Li is also a Machine Learning Consultant at computer vision startup LexSet, where he is responsible for machine learning research of computer vision systems utilising generative synthetic data.

Li joined the BRG and NCCR Digital Fabrication in September 2019 as a software engineer.

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication: Researcher

Projects: Computational Methods

Affiliation: Block Research Group

Email: Li Chen

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