Jaime Mata Falcón

Jaime Mata-Falcón is senior assistant at the Chair of Concrete Structures and Bridge Design of ETH Zurich, where he joined as a postdoctoral researcher in 2015. After he had worked for two years as a structural engineer, in 2009 he completed his master’s degree in civil engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. He then specialized himself with a master’s degree in concrete engineering. In 2015, he obtained his doctorate from the Polytechnic University of Valencia with a dissertation on the crack behaviour of dapped-end concrete beams. During his doctorate, Jaime also worked in the Structural Concrete Laboratory at EPF Lausanne on the domain of Elastic-Plastic Stress Fields. In April 2016, Jaime Mata-Falcón joined the NCCR Digital Fabrication to address the structural integrity of the reinforced concrete technologies.

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication: Post Doctorate Researcher

Affiliation: Chair of Structural Engineering – Concrete Structures and Bridge Design

Email: Jaime Mata-Falcón

Phone: +41 44 633 31 63

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