Denis Damidot

Denis Damidot is Professor of Civil Engineering at the Institute Mines-Télécom Lille-Douai, France, where he led the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department from 2002 to 2014. He earned his PhD in physico-chemistry from Burgundy University in Dijon, France, in 1990. Denis Damitdot is a member of the board of editors of international scientific journals such as the Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials. He is interested in physico-chemistry applied to cementitious material, particularly in performing both experiments and numerical simulations. In his research he investigates three main topics in order to design added value and eco-friendly building materials: the reduction of CO2 emissions through the study of new hydraulic binders, the optimisation of microstructure to create innovative and eco-friendly materials, and in the sustainability of existing structures through the study of interactions between cementitious materials and their environment including the impact of micro-organisms. Denis Damidot joined the NCCR Digital Fabrication in April 2017 as a Researcher in Residence within the Physical Chemistry of Building Materials Group at ETH Zurich.

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication: Researcher in Residence

Affiliation: Physical Chemistry of Building Materials Group, ETH Zurich

Email: Denis Damidot

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