Socio-Economic Working Group (SEWG)

Construction is a significant sector of development in Switzerland, as it is responsible for 5.3% of the national GDP. The NCCR Digital Fabrication is the major source of technological development in the Swiss construction sector, having several established industry partners and industry-supported research projects. The implications of introducing technological and methodological changes into such an entrenched industrial sector raise many issues and questions. However, as with all paradigm-shifting developments, the most complex issue may be how such innovations will affect society as a whole. With increasing public interest in digitalisation there is an obvious and clear need for an objective and measured evaluation and discourse on the broader impact of such technologies on Swiss (and international) sectors.

As such, the NCCR Digital Fabrication, along with its Principal Investigators from six ETH departments, now seeks to better understand the broader socio-economic implications of its research objective to bring digital technologies and robotics to architecture and construction. In light of this, the NCCR Digital Fabrication has established a new socio-economic platform to examine the impact of digital fabrication in society.

The Socio-Economic Working Group (SEWG)
To address the socio-economic impact and advancement of digital construction, we have developed this Socio-Economic Working Group (SEWG). This group of experts, coordinated by Dr. Gudela Grote, Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at ETH Zurich comprises expertise in the areas of philosophy, history, law, management and labour studies.

• Identify additional experts relevant to this topic
• Advise the researchers of the NCCR on contextual topics
• Facilitate and guide discourse on the impact of digital fabrication on society, the economy and employment in the form of an annual symposium engaging researchers and our partner experts
• Provide material and support for the composition of position papers on relevant topics
• Explore opportunities for mutually beneficial project collaboration

Interested in participating or becoming a member of the Socio-Economic Working Group? Contact Dr. Kaitlin McNally.

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