Smart Dynamic Casting (SDC)

Smart Dynamic Casting (SDC) is a novel robotic slip-forming process for efficient prefabrication of standard and non-standard structural elements of concrete without the need for full-size custom formwork. It aims to remove the need of individual made formwork for the construction of complex concrete structures. The process targets the production of structures with variable geometry with a single formwork in a gravity-fed additive manufacturing process, made possible through control of material hardening, which allows shaping of the material through process control and automation.

Principal Investigators: Prof. Fabio GramazioProf. Matthias KohlerProf. Dr. Robert J. FlattProf. Dr. Marco Hutter

Main Collaborators: Ena Lloret-Fritschi, Anna Szabó, Fabio Scotto, Lex Reiter

Extended Collaborators: Dr. Timothy Wangler, Dr. Jaime Mata Falcón, Martin Wermelinger, Andreas Reusser


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