Smart Dynamic Casting (SDC)

Smart Dynamic Casting (SDC) is a process for digital fabrication of reinforced concrete that was pioneered at ETH Zurich. It is a scaled-down, digitally controlled version of slip forming in which self-compacting concrete is fed into a flexible formwork that shapes the concrete as it hardens. In contrast to what is generally referred to as concrete 3D printing, SDC intrinsically includes reinforcement, meaning that structurally functional elements can be produced in one fabrication step. The NCCR is capitalising on this major advantage of SDC for market acceptance.

The material challenges are numerous, requiring an understanding of chemical admixture control of cement hydration, as well as developing new strategies for processing concrete. This is particularly demanding because of raw material variability and is something that the collaborative project Digital Concrete strives to find solutions to.

From an architectural standpoint, the possibility to create bespoke vertical columns and folded structures in an unbroken digital chain places SDC at the leading edge of real-world realisation of bespoke fabrication of concrete structures. The recent production of façade mullions for DFAB HOUSE demonstrates how important it is to produce full-scale demonstrators to understand how digital fabrication, concrete material science, mechanical engineering and digital design must be joined in an enhanced process to achieve successful results. Each module has been developed in an interdisciplinary context, and has highlighted how important various disciplines are in real-world application of digital fabrication with concrete.

Principal Investigators: Prof. Fabio GramazioProf. Matthias KohlerProf. Dr. Robert J. FlattProf. Dr. Marco Hutter

Main Collaborators: Ena Lloret-Fritschi, Anna Szabó, Fabio Scotto, Joris Burger, Lex Reiter,Dr. Timothy Wangler, Dr. Jaime Mata Falcón

Extended Collaborators: Martin Wermelinger, Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz, Michael Lyrenmann, Philippe Fleischmann, Andreas Reusser

External Collaborators: Heinz Richner, Tobias Ulrich


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