Grand Challenge 1: On Site Digital Fabrication

On Site Digital Fabrication is a significant challenge that engages research in technological development, but also challenges new operational standards for building sites, including construction coordination and the possible future collaboration of robots with on-site workers. By bringing digital fabrication on-site new capabilities relating flexibility, scalability, and the integration of digital design data into on-site processes becomes real, while concurrently new issues of transportation, workflow and integration of technologies are revealed. Tightly integrating on-site fabrication with computational design offers the prospect of radical innovation in architecture that goes far beyond mere construction automation. Advanced sensing and responsive, computationally driven assembly processes are being integrated with mobile robotic platforms to enable new opportunities for precise and complex on-site construction.

Bring digital fabrication onto building sites.

Research challenges
• Develop versatile on site fabrication robots for different construction applications and scales.
• Develop constructive systems that leverage the unique potential of in situ robotic fabrication.
• Develop integrated design, planning and robotic control methods.
• Develop man-machine as well as machine-machine collaboration models and interfaces.

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