Grand Challenge 2: Bespoke Digital Prefabrication

Bespoke Digital Prefabrication addresses the future of industrial prefabrication in architecture and aims to develop a new generation of highly customisable and digitally integrated design and building processes. Prefabrication in construction has a long-standing tradition, but the use of digital fabrication technologies in the sector is largely undeveloped. Industrial factory settings are clearly suited to the future deployment of advanced technologies due to their protected and structured environments. Integration of novel, highly adaptable design and fabrication systems has the potential to yield radical and disruptive innovations while improving quality, efficiency and reducing construction waste.

Enable bespoke, large-scale digital prefabrication.

Research challenges
• Develop new technologies for bespoke digital prefabrication at 1:1 building component scale.
• Develop resource-efficient material systems and joining methods.
• Develop tools and technologies to facilitate integrated design and fabrication.

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