Digital Concrete Processing

Our major objective is to develop expertise on concrete technology within NCCR projects. It covers a wide range of topics, from which this report highlights the main outcomes. Scientifically, a particular effort was placed on understanding the structural build-up of cementitious materials over time, something which, for concrete, conditions the success or failure of most digital fabrication processes. Other topics universally considered important to this new field are covered, such as durability, and to this end examination of ingress of aggressive species such as chlorides is of prime importance.

Another universal problem regarding digital fabrication with concrete is that of reinforcement, and it has been noted that this new field requires reinforced concrete structure designers to rethink reinforcement strategies. To that end, we focus on unique methods of reinforcement, particularly fibre reinforcement, as well as minimised reinforcement in the form of compression-only structures in collaboration with the knitted formwork project.

To strengthen the visibility and knowledge transfer of the NCCR in this field, we decided to follow up on the very successful workshop held in Zurich in January 2017 by hosting Digital Concrete 2018, the “1st RILEM International Conference on Concrete and Digital Fabrication.” This will be held conjointly with Rob|Arch 2018, the leading conference for robotics in architecture. By bringing together both events we will foster exchange between multiple communities, making a strong statement about the multidisciplinarity of our NCCR.

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Robert J. FlattProf. Fabio GramazioProf. Matthias KohlerProf. Dr. Jonas BuchliProf. Benjamin Dillenburger

Main Collaborators: Lex Reiter,Dr. Timothy Wangler

Extended Collaborators: Dr. Ena Lloret Fritschi,Norman Hack, Alexander Nikolas Walzer, Dr. Jaime Mata-Falcón, Andrei Jipa, Mariana Popescu, Andreas Reusser

External Collaborators: Nicolas Ruffray, Mathias Bernhard


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