The digital revolution turns the working world on its head. As part of ETH Zurich’s Treffpunkt Science City spring 2017 programme “Work in the World 4.0”, the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication provided over a 130 interested kids and teens insight into the future of architecture.

ETH Zurich’s Treffpunkt Science City is a science programme designed for the general public interested in getting insight into latest research developments. Different research groups open their laboratories and organise demonstrations during so-called “experience Sundays”.

Insight into 3D Printing and Robotics for Architecture
As part of the spring programme 2017, researchers and technicians from the NCCR Digital Fabrication in collaboration with students from the Master of Advanced Studies ETH in Architecture and Digital Fabrication welcomed kids and teens in the Arch_Tec_Lab, the new building of the Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) of ETH Zurich. Participants were demonstrated how 3D printer and robots can be used to fabricate building components. Clear highlight was the visit to the Robotic Fabrication Laboratory (RFL), the currently worldwide largest robotic laboratory in architecture. Kids and teens were visibly impressed by how quickly and precisely two fully automated robots collaboratively build up a stack of polystyrene cubes.

Preparing Kids and Teens for Future Professions
NCCR researchers and MAS students were highly pleased by the kids and teens interest into the future of architecture. Several kids asked how much a robot or 3D printer would cost in order to know whether they could put their pocket money beside in order to buy one for themselves. Overall, the NCCR believes it is important that research institutions open their doors already to the youngest and provide them insight into current research developments. This way, kids and teens not only get in contact with science, but also get a better idea of changes within established professions and learn about new evolving professions, supporting them in orienting themselves within a rapidly changing working world.

For further information about ETH Zurich’s Treffpunkt Science City programme, please visit the programme website.