The fifth edition of the Advances in Architectural Geometry (AAG) symposia series, organised by the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication, was accompanied by an exhibition presenting innovative projects and artefacts from the area of architectural geometry.

The AAG2016 exhibition highlighted current developments at the intersection of applied geometry and architecture. On exhibit were works of AAG2016 keynotes Erik Demaine and Urs B. Roth as well as objects by various research groups supporting papers presented at the conference. The pieces on exhibition are prime examples of both the beauty and functional power of geometric computing, especially when applied to architectural applications.

List of exhibited objects:

“Asymtotic Gridshell” 
Denis Hitrec and Eike Schling. Chair for Structural Design, Technical University of Munich, 2016

“Curved-Crease Sculpture” 
Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine, 2012

“Timber Plate Shell” 
Scientific Development: Dr. Christopher Robeller, Project Team: Max Annen, Anh-Chi Nguyen, Pierre-Oliver Coanon. Prof. Yves Weinand, IBOIS, EPF Lausanne, 2016

“1:10 Prototype of a Post-Tensioned Shell Structure from Precast Stackable Components” 
Lluis Enrique and Joseph Schwartz, Chair of Structural Design, ETH Zurich, 2016

“3D-Printed Floor” 
Matthias Rippmann, Ursula Frick, Andrew Liew, Tom Van Mele, and Philippe Block. Block Research Group, ETH Zurich, 2016

Urs B. Roth, 2016

“Force-Adaptive Wire Cutting”
Workshop leaders: Romana Rust, David Jenny. Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich, 2016

“3D Printed Architectural Building Components” 
Prof. Benjamin Dillenburger, Dr. Mania Meibodi, Mathias Bernhard, Andrei Jipa and Prof. Dr. Robert Flatt, Dr. Timothy Wangler, Nicolas Ruerey; students Felix Stutz, Neil Montague de Taisne. Digital Building Technologies and Physical Chemistry of Building Materials, ETH Zurich, 2016

For addditional images about the exhibition, visit the AAG2016 exhibition album on Flickr.

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