Construction of the DFAB HOUSE is moving forward rapidly: last Thursday, the 5th of July, researchers from the NCCR Digital Fabrication and ETH Zurich, the NEST team of Empa and various involved industry partners and construction professionals came together to celebrate the topping out of the unique construction project. The ceremony was held at the NEST building in Dübendorf, a few days after the spatial timber modules had been assembled on-site.

The topping out ceremony is the major milestone in between the construction kick-off and the official opening of a building and a very proud moment for everyone involved. No less than 80 people gathered in Dübendorf to visit the three-story building in its current state and to raise their glasses to the joint achievement.

More information and an image gallery with photos from the timber module assembly and the topping out ceremony can be found in the webnews on the DFAB HOUSE project website.

Image caption: DFAB HOUSE super structure on the NEST building of Empa and Eawag.
Image credits: NCCR Digital Fabrication / Michael Lyrenmann