The Advances in Architectural Geometry (AAG) 2016 Conference has officially begun at ETH Zurich. Taking place from September 11 to 13, AAG2016 brings together leading experts to discuss innovations at the intersection of applied geometry and architecture. Conference Chair Fabio Gramazio welcomed the audience to ETH Zurich and introduced Urs B. Roth, the first keynote speaker of the Conference.

Once a niche topic, both academics and practitioners now show increasing interest in the topic of architectural geometry. In his opening speech, Fabio Gramazio highlighted the importance of bringing leading experts together to discuss the potentials of innovations within the field. Helmut Pottmann, the initiator of the AAG symposia series was thanked for his efforts in launching the symposia series back in 2008 and was welcomed along with all other participants.

Inspiring Opening Lecture by Urs B. Roth
The conference then kicked off with a keynote lecture by Swiss geometric engineer Urs B. Roth, who highlighted the beauty of geometry and its importance for building “comprehensible architecture”. He presented many of his works, such as the the Music Hall in the Zurich City Hall, and the concrete facade of the Vorarlberg Museum in Austria. In closing, Urs B. Roth confronted the public with the question whether standard elements are obsolete in the age of computational design and digital fabrication, as he promoted the idea to: “Think first, compute later”.

Official Opening of AAG2016 Exhibition
Following the opening lecture the audience was invited for an Opening reception of the AAG2016 exhibition. This exhibition presents works by keynote speakers Urs B. Roth and Erik Demaine as well as works by EPF Lausanne’s Laboratory for Timber Construction (IBOIS), the Chair of Structural Design of the Technical University of Munich, and the Block Research Group (BRG), the Chair of Structural Design, and Gramazio Kohler Research (GKR) of ETH Zurich.

The AAG2016 conference, workshops and exhibition have all been made possible by the support of our industry partners and sponsors. The NCCR Digital Fabrication would like to thank main sponsor ABB, workshops sponsor Autodesk, and the conference sponsors Absolute Joint System, Disney Research, Erne AG Holzbau, Evolute, Moog and Waagner Biro for their generous contributions which made this symposium possible. Further thanks go to the conference media partners ArchDaily, Hochparterre, Tec21 and who accompany the conference with their reporting activities.

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