As part of its MAS and education support programmes, the NCCR Digital Fabrication has organized a new lecture series with the goal of inviting advanced practitioners, theorists, and leaders of industry to present in the context of the NCCR. The lecture series began in autumn 2015 with four guest presenters, and will continue in the spring semester with presentations from Prof. Achim Menges of the University of Stuttgart, and Prof. Bob Sheil of the Bartlett University College London.

Presentations from Autumn 2015

Prof. Stefan Kroetsch, TU Kaiserslautern
Prof. Stefan Kroetsch directs the chair of Tectonics in Timber Construction at the TU Kaiserlautern in Germany. His research and teaching focus on the tectonic joining of complex components to create a spatial and structural whole. In his presentation Stefan Kroetsch, gave an introduction to engineered wood products and state-of-the-art fabrication in wood technology.

Fabian Scheurer, designtoproduction
Fabian Scheuer is principal of, a consultancy for computational planning and digital production of complex design. designtoproduction has consulted projects by renowned architects such as Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano, Daniel Libeskind, SANAA, Shigeru Ban, and UN Studio. Fabian presented the work accomplished in the firm developing methods of continuous workflows for the realisation of complex wood structures using the CNC technologies.  

Frank Barkow, Barkow Leibinger

Barkow/Leibinger is an architectural practice based in Berlin and New York. Their work is realized over a wide range of scales and building types but is exemplified by an experimental approach to design and fabrication using new technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques. Frank Barkow presented an overview of his office projects, explaining their methodology and approach to architectural design, and showed several of their projects.  

Manfred Grohmann, Bollinger + Grohmann Engineering
Bollinger + Grohmann is one of the most progressive engineering offices in Europe working on computational methods for structural design. Manfred Grohmann presented their latest projects, with insight in concrete shells and large scale steel structures. The prime focus of their work is to strengthen each design and to find creative solutions to complex structural and engineering problems. Accomplished projects include the Rolex Learning Centre in Lausanne, the Kunsthaus in Graz, and the European Central Bank.  

Next lectures: Spring 2016

Prof. Achim Menges, Institute for Computational Design, University of Stuttgart
Guest Lecture: 09:30 March 2, 2016. HIP Pavilion ETH Hoenggerberg

Achim Menges is Professor at the University of Stuttgart and director of the Institute for Computational Design. His research focuses on integrating the concepts and processes of morphogenetic design, computation, and computer aided manufacturing. The chair has an interdisciplinary approach in education and works very closely with the structural engineering professorship of Prof. Knippers. Professor Menges has been invited to present his work and research with specific attention to his research on climatic responsive timber skins and the development of bending active wooden structures. 

Prof. Bob Sheil, Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London
Guest Lecture: 13:00 April 21, 2016. HIP Pavilion ETH Hoenggerberg

Bob Sheil is Professor of Architecture and Director of The Bartlett School of Architecture. He became the school’s Director of Technology in 2007 and founded the Bartlett Manufacturing and Design Exchange in 2009. He is a founding partner of sixteen*(makers), whose work in collaboration with Stahlbogen GmbH ‘55/02’ won a RIBA award for design in 2010. Prof. Sheil will present the engagement of advanced manufacturing technologies in current research and teaching at Bartlett, and how he translates research back to practice.