In autumn 2016, the newly constructed “Arch_Tec_Lab” will become the new home to the MAS Digital Fabrication programme. Featuring advanced robotic construction facilities, well-equipped work-spaces, and digital production workshops, this new building is an internationally unique facility where the practitioners and researchers will be able to develop the architecture and construction processes of the future.

The Arch_Tec_Lab: a new home for the Institute of Technology in Architecture

In summer of 2016, the Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) will move into its new home: the “Arch_Tec_Lab”. This new building, currently under construction at ETH Hoenggerberg, features ITA sourced design and innovations including; advanced zero emission space conditioning systems, novel parametric design, and a robotically fabricated timber roof structure. The new building provides space for the ITA professorships, the NCCR Digital Fabrication, and an open gallery for researchers.

The ground floor of the building is dedicated to the new Robotic Fabrication Laboratory (RFL). This large (45 by 17 by 6 meters) work-hall is a unique facility that specifically enables advanced research in the field of collaborative robotic fabrication and construction. With four six-axis industrial robots suspended from an actuated gantry system the facility allows for full scale, coordinated, robotic construction of architectural projects up to the size of a small house.

…and the MAS Digital Fabrication
In September 2016, the second year of the MAS Digital Fabrication will also take its place within the Arch_Tec_Lab. The digital fabrication project room, situated on the mezzanine overlooking the RFL will become the new home to the MAS programme and will give its participants clear insight into the large scale fabrication research of the ITA and the NCCR Digital Fabrication.

With these new facilities, the NCCR Digital Fabrication has a unique opportunity to develop ground-breaking research and teaching in robotic architecture and construction. With the excellent support of the ITA, the ETH Department of Architecture, and with these state-of-the-art facilities the MAS Digital Fabrication will be a very significant training ground for future innovators in this field.

Robotic Fabrication Laboratory: