NCCR researchers have adapted the novel Smart Dynamic Casting technology for the fabrication of the costum-made façade mullions for the NEST Unit DFAB HOUSE. After several experiments and prototypes, the interdisciplinary research team consisting of architects, material scientists and structural engineers has successfully overcome all the challenges that arose in the development process and has finalised an optimised robotic fabrication procedure. The façade mullions display great surface quality while fulfilling the required structural criteria.

In the latest DFAB HOUSE news post Ena Lloret-Frischti, postdoctoral researcher at Gramazio Kohler Research (GKR), ETH Zurich and the Physical Chemistry of Building Materials Group, ETH Zurich, and Fabio Scotto, research assistant at GKR, ETH Zurich give a personal insight into the adaptation process of Smart Dynamic Casting (SDC) for the construction of custom-made façade mullions for the three-storey architectural demonstrator DFAB HOUSE.

Image caption: NCCR postdoctoral research Ena Lloret-Fritschi and NCCR associated research assistant Fabio Scotto examining the surface quality of one of the fabricated façade mullions.
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